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Motorola Solutions creates innovative, mission-critical communication solutions and services that help public safety and commercial customers build safer cities and thriving communities.

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We have worked in partnership with Motorola Solutions as an appointed distributor for the UK for over twenty years and have an excellent understanding of their products and applications.

We offer a comprehensive range of Motorola Solution products, including hand portable radios,  mobile two-way radios, ATEX radios and repeaters.


For information and advice about Motorola products call us on 020 7183 4391


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Protect your employees with Motorola Edesix body worn video cameras


Motorola Solutions body worn camera products are ideal for customer facing industries and applications that require documented evidence or incident recording.


For employees working in customer facing roles, or dealing with members of the public, body worn video cameras may deter abuse and, if a situation does escalate to verbal abuse or violence, can provide tamperproof evidence for securing convictions.

If you have employees who may be vulnerable to abuse you are probably already considering the use of body worn video cameras. When you decide to invest you will want to be secure in the knowledge that you have chosen the right devices for your organisation and the peace of mind of knowing that the devices are supplied by a reputable manufacturer with ongoing support available.

The Edesix range of body worn video cameras from Motorola Solutions offers products to suit a range of applications and software to manage the output.

Edesix body worn video cameras are robust, secure, user-friendly and are relied upon by police, prison services, security teams and emergency services workers globally as well as public sector workers, health visitors, cleaners and delivery drivers. The Edesix range offers small, discreet VideoTags through to VB-400 VideoBadges, offering Bluetooth sensor monitoring and GPS tracking, a ruggedized exterior with an IP67 rating, dual-band Wi-Fi and full 1080p HD recording.

Edesix VideoManager is an advanced software tool for managing video footage and monitoring body worn camera wearers. It can also manage footage from third party cameras, making the creation of evidence-ready footage fast, simple and secure.

Edesix body worn video cameras offer a robust solution from a world leader in commercial communication solutions. CSE-Chatterbox adds to this the knowledge and experience to work with you to find the right solution for your requirements and the security of on-going support CSE-Chatterbox offers Edesix products for sale and for long-term loan and short-term hire.

To discuss your requirements and find the perfect solution please get in touch.

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