Push To Talk International

One-to-many communication wherever you are

Push to Talk International Limited is the largest supplier of Push to Talk services in the UK. With customers ranging from security teams, rail companies, hospitals, retail chains, football stadiums and parking enforcement.

POC-IT PTT (Push to Talk) allows you to create private channels and groups to allow instant group communications without boundaries, to members of your private group.

Using your in app contact list you can call either all the members or just select one or two of the contacts and create an adhoc one to one or smaller group

Chat Groups: As the owner of a Chat group you can decide to have the chat group always s on to allow members to share communication or messages instantly with each other no need to “call” just speak and everyone in the CHAT session will hear the call or see the message.

Location and Tracking: By using in application tracking you can instantly share your location with each other or via a PC dispatcher station.