Harnessing technology to overcome two-way radio licence availability in London​​​​​​​

tower bridge

Obtaining Ofcom UHF two-way radio licences in London is becoming increasingly difficult due to high demand. To deliver a scaleable, future proof solution for the two-way radio system at London Bridge City CSE Chatterbox worked with long-standing technology partner Tait to take advantage of licences and frequencies that are more readily available in the London area.

Whilst there is congestion and a general lack of capacity in the UHF spectrum, radio licences for London have recently become available for commercial users in the Band III spectrum. Tait Communications is the only manufacturer with radios and infrastructure suitable for making use of these comparatively readily available, cost effective licences.

Using Tait’s technology CSE Chatterbox was able to obtain a sufficient number of licences to operate a multi-channel two-way radio system in the London Bridge City area, providing site-wide communication both indoors and outdoors across a wide coverage range and delivering enhanced health and safety protection for staff.