How PoC can boost your communications

Whether you are familiar with PoC or not we have provided a simple guide to help demonstrate how it can benefit your organisation.


What is PoC?

PoC stands for Push-to-talk over Cellular. In plain speak it’s a solution designed for commercial applications that offers the benefit of two-way radio functionality, i.e. the ability to talk to a designated group of people simultaneously at the push of a button,  via a Wi-fi or public cellular phone network.


Why is PoC useful?

  • PoC can be used as a stand-alone system or can interface with two-way radio systems to extend beyond radio coverage and bring radio users into the same conversation
  • PoC can be used with a cloud-based control centre to monitor the location of users, receive alerts and record communications for health and safety
  • PoC is available wherever there is cellular or WIFI coverage
  • PoC can extend a network of users quickly, either temporarily or permanently
  • PoC does not require dedicated devices and can run on an existing Android or iOS device as an app.
  • PoC does not require a two-way radio licence and therefore is not limited by coverage
  • PoC works straight out of the box and doesn’t require expensive infrastructure to provide reliable coverage.


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How do you access PoC?

  • PoC apps can be uploaded to a mobile phone, dedicated PoC device (which looks like a robust mobile but has a dedicated push-to-talk button) and other smart devices.
  • PoC is also available on professional ‘radio like’ devices
  • CSE Chatterbox offers a choice of subscription based PoC solutions, which provide secure, private communication
  • You can buy or rent PoC devices from CSE Chatterbox. We can advise which solution and device are right for your needs and supply complete with SIM cards for dedicated devices.


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