Watch over employees working from home with InteraX Desktop Lone Worker

With more people than ever working from home employers need to find ways to fulfil their duty of care. The InteraX Desktop Lone Worker app offers an innovative, easy to implement, cost effective way to check employees who work at home online are OK, based on their screen usage.

How it works

We programme the app with criteria set by you, including working hours and how long you think it is reasonable for the employee to be inactive online. Once the app is installed it monitors mouse and keyboard movements. If the computer is not used during working hours for longer than the designated time InteraX Desktop Lone Worker sends an ‘alive check’ prompting the employee to reset. If the employee is on a call, reading etc. they simply press to reset. If, however they have been incapacitated in some way and do not respond it triggers an escalation of alerts, via SMS, email or two-way radio, to line managers etc., again advised by you. The computer location is set in the alert message, enabling you to send assistance quickly if required.


  • Full Reporting

InteraX Desktop Lone Worker provides documentation of alerts by user etc.

  • Pre-determined Timings

You set the working hours when employees require monitoring.

  • Secure

Users  cannot take themselves out of lone worker. It can only be disabled via the control software.

  • Three stage escalation

You can tailor the alerts raised by InteraX Desktop Lone Worker, sending to one or to many via whichever method is most effective for your business for each of the three stages.

CSE Chatterbox offers InteraX Desktop Lone Worker as hosted software with a cost per lone worker. To discuss how CSE Chatterbox can work with you to help you protect employees working online from home please get in touch using the form below or call 020 7183 4391.

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