Simple to implement temperature screening


Protect people working in your building using a contact free, rapid, effective preliminary fever screening solution.

An immediate solution

For easy to set up preliminary temperature screening in office buildings, factories, railway stations, airports and other public places, we supply hand-held thermographic cameras. These are designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperatures, with an accuracy of +/-0.5°C and sound an audible alert if a temperature is detected above a desired temperature, e.g. 37.5°C. The cameras can be mounted on a tripod, and the solution includes a laptop, that could for example be kept on reception at a distance from a tripod mounted camera, which can also sound an alarm when someone with a higher than desired temperature is detected. An alarm can also be sent by text or email to security, senior management etc. The system can be programmed to take a picture when the alarm is triggered, and to retain this together with the date and time.  Advanced AI software in the thermal cameras means false alarms caused by heat from other sources are minimised.


  • One second to detect skin-surface temperature of a person with an accuracy of (+/- O.5°C). If increased accuracy is required, we can supply turret and bullet cameras with body temperature calibrators accurate to within +/- O.3°C
  • Multi-person detection simultaneously
  • Non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact
  • Immediately alarming to notify operators
  • AI detection to reduce false alarms from other heat sources
  • Mobile. Can be used by patrolling staff to monitor without disturbing people
  • Integration with existing two-way radio systems (optional)

Simple set up

We supply hand-held thermal cameras, laptops, preloaded with the necessary software, and an easy to follow instruction sheet. Simply plug in and allow 15 minutes to power up and you are good to go. If you need support just call us.

A solution for every application

The fever screening solutions we supply include hand-held, turret-based and bullet cameras, and we can integrate temperature screening with your communication solutions, access control systems etc., using our knowledge and experience in to design a total communication solution for your requirements.

Act now to reduce the likelihood of someone infected with Covid-19 entering your premises.

For more information or a quotation for renting, leasing or buying a temperature screening solution get in touch,  use the form below or call 020 7183 4391.

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