Extend the reach of your mass notification system

1. Does your organisation use an emergency and mass notification system like Everbridge to send updates to employees?

2. Do some employees use two-way radios?

If the answer is yes to both questions above and your mass notification system is not integrated with your two-way radio system, then the radio users among your employees will be missing out on messages or your organisation will be spending a lot of time maintaining mobile numbers for them. Either way an integrated two-way radio system could provide a more effective solution.

A CSE Chatterbox CALM+ two-way radio system can integrate with emergency and mass notification software to make messaging to radios possible. Users can be grouped together by function so that messages – text and audio – can be sent to individuals, groups or all radios.

For Bluewater, integrating their CSE Chatterbox CALM+ system with Everbridge has significantly reduced the number of mobile numbers they need to maintain on the system and means that it is not necessary for retail employees to have their mobiles devices with them whilst on the shop floor. In a crisis situation, there’s one credible source of information – the mass notification system – reducing the risk of misinformation and facilitating a more effective response. Read the case study.

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